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Learn Some Ngalia: Free Language Course

Learn Some Ngalia: Free Language Course

Ngalia is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken in the Goldfields  region of  Western Australian. Ngalia is a Pama-Nyungan language of the Wati (Western Desert Languages) family. It is severely endangered language. When you enrol to learn this language you will be doing your part to keep this language alive.


To Enroll, click here "Learn Some Ngalia: Free Language Course"


    There are 30 lessons for learning some basic, useful Ngalia words and sentences. Students are encouraged to work thier way through the lessons, learning the focus words, read them in sentences, hear the words and are encouraged to attempt your own sentences. This first lesson is only the first 9 Lessons, plus some activities.


    Start learning, the social way

    Complete the modules at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Get involved by joining activities, sharing ideas and talking to other students from around the world. - Learn Some Ngalia 

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